Time for a new thread again. The other signature thread was getting too long again.

Same rules apply:

* If you made a signature and want it hosted by one of our fellow members of EoFF, please post them here, and someone will try to host it for you.

* If you want someone to make you a sig, please provide details and any images you may want to include, and someone will be nice enough to make you a signature.

Please remember to follow these important limits for signatures so that I or another staff member won't have to remove them once you've/they've gone through all of the work to make them:

[leeza]Signature Limits:[/leeza]

A maximum width of 600 pixels.
A maximum height of 250 pixels.
These include any text in the signature outside images.
Total file size of all images combined must not exceed 200 KB (204,800 bytes).
Randomly generated images and/or text are not allowed.
Any signatures not following these or any signatures with questionable or problematic content will be removed/edited by staff, and you may have your signature editing privileges temporarily disabled if this happens several times.

The following is an image with the maximum sig dimensions of 600 pixels for the width and 250 pixels for the height.