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    Hey, so my birthday's coming up and my girlfriend is finding it hard to buy something for me. So I am going to try to give her a few hints towards a PSP.

    So, I'm looking around at the moment, there's a couple different packs for the PSP. I'm wondering what one is worth getting? Of course, I am looking at the Slim & Lite, but there's also one that comes with 4GB memory stick (though, it's a lot more expensive).

    Is it better just to get a basic pack and go buy my own SD card?

    I mainly want to use it to play some new PSP games and emulate SNES and PSX games. Also would like to play music from it (which is why I thought 4GB sd card would be good).

    Also, to be able to emulate SNES and PSX games, do I forfeit any good features I coudl get on the PSP? Will it still be fully functional?

    Games I wanted to get is Valkyrie Profile, Crisis Core, FFT, new KH game and anythign else I can find (maybe you could suggest something).


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    I cant advise you on that, but when/if I do get a PSP, I'll be getting FFT, FFVII:CC, Dissidia and God of War: Chains of Olympus asap.

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    First off, the PSP doesn't use SD cards. It uses "Memory Stick Pro Duo" cards. I would probably suggest going with the PSP Slim since it's newer and has more potential features, you can always get the larger memory stick separately. Though they are expensive.

    As far as emulating stuff goes, as far as I know it involves hacking the PSP. You forefeit nothing (except warranties and other legal stuff) if everything goes right, but if you do something wrong you may have an unuseable PSP. I think there have been some homebrew developments in the 'unbrick your PSP' area, but I don't know too much about it.

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    You should get the Daxter PSP Slim Pack. It's the best one.
    It has the Silver PSP slim, Daxter Game, a Family Guy UMD with five episodes, and a 1GB memory stick. The price was around $199.99.
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    I think the issue with being able to run emulators and homebrew stuff is that you need to use an exploit based on the particular firmware version, or downgrade the firmware. This is only a problem when new games come out that require a certain firmware version, but I believe the homebrew scene keeps up with this problem and makes it, for the most part, irrelevant. Not owning a PSP, however, means I could easily be missing out on some part of that particular puzzle.

    And if you're at all interested in Daxter, which is likely quite a solid platformer, the bundle The Amazing Spiderman mentioned sounds like it's a good bang for your buck.

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