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Thread: question about a particular quest in oblivian

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    Default question about a particular quest in oblivian

    I got a question about a particular quest in oblivian at Anvil.

    I was trying to beat the quest where you are supposed to find that female gang who keeps on seducing and robbing the men in the village. It said to start off at the bar (I know I am at the right one but can't think of the name at the top of my head without going back to the game) and the quest will get started from there.

    Well I went to that bar and stayed there all night long and nothing happened. Is there something else you have to do at another place to start it off (also the lady who gave me the quest said her husband would be there and a person by his name never showed up all night long).

    I'm ready to leave Anvil and head off to another town but would like to finish this last quest before I head out.

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    This should help.
    Boy am I an unfunny ass.

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