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Thread: Mafia VIII: Game on hold or ended?

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    Double post ftw

    If you want a vote count, you can take a look at my personal record here. Red is guilty, green is innocent, yellow means a vote, pink means an unvote, small letters and blacked out squares mean dead, the box around Donut means I know he's innocent but nobody else does.
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    Pancakes seems to be pissing people off.........but that could mean anything.

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    I'm Roto. It's what I do.

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    I knew it! xD

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    The CANADIAN is the one with the syrup, of course!

    I actually thought you were GoBo playing the asshole card.

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    Sorry about that bacon.

    Personclaiming all around, but who am I? I'm (SPOILER)Not gonna tell you ^__^

    Fixed votecount

    Pancakes (3) Captain Crunch, Scrambled Eggs, Donuts

    Scrambled Eggs (3) Muffin, Bacon, Pancakes, Bagel

    Donuts (2) Yogurt, Cinamon Toast

    Muffin (1) French Toast

    Orange Juice (1) Pop Tart

    Captain Crunch (0) Scrambled Eggs

    Not Voting (1) Orange Juice

    Took vote off (1) Bagel

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