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Thread: Mafia VIII: Game on hold or ended?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Sausage View Post
    Oh i know, but you gave me a semi-legitamite reason to fill up yet another one of my five obligatory posts for the next few days. And now that they are all out of the way after this, I don't have to worry about having to post regardless of not having anything to add, thus making myself look more suspicious later when we actually need to start making posts that matter.

    Though for now, I'll stick with blaming Donut, as I swear when things start getting tough, Donut's going to try and play the Newb card to get votes off of him if the time comes.

    Oddly enough, that seems to work from time to time.

    ##vote: Donut
    Not a bad idea...cops eat doughnuts, you know. Maybe because they're EVIL and can't be arrested because arresting a donut isn't legal?

    ##Vote: Donut

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    This is really going slow.

    This is also my 5th post. Don't worry though, because I will keep on posting. I love mafia games.

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    Hello. I wanted to be bacon.

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    Good thing you aren't bacon. As I stated earlier, bacon is very evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Muffin View Post
    Cop, investigate me. Lets discuss that.
    Okay, let's discuss that.

    I hope you're either a.) a mafia or b.) the cop. The only alternative c would be some special role. If you're a citizen, then it's pretty selfish to ask to be investigated. Why would a citizen want the cop to waste an investigation? That's probably the most important tool we've got.

    Of course, just because you requested to be investigated doesn't mean the cop will actually do it, and I realize you probably said that to start up discussion, which is always a good thing.

    But I very much agree with you that this first phase where EVERYTHING is suspicious very annoying. it has to be done, though.

    I'm going to BANDWAGON on the Donut vote. Just for the sake of bandwagoning.

    ##Vote: Donut

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    Well I guess I'll bandwagon, too, just for squeaks and gigs.

    ##Vote: Donut

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    Aww...poor Donut...

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    Feel free to unvote him

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    Well I gotta vote for somebody

    ##Unvote: Donut
    ##Vote: Bacon

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    Oh crap! Maybe I should roleclaim

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    A roleclaim O:

    That would get things moving! Are you the Serial Killer? Or a bomb?

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    I'm going to unvote when you post, OK.

    ##Vote: Bagel


    Bacon (1) Yogurt
    Bagel (1) Muffin
    Captain Crunch (1) Waffles
    Cinnamon Toast
    Donuts (3) Sausage, Yogurt, Bacon, Pancakes
    French Toast
    Pop Tart
    Scrambled Eggs

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Yogurt View Post
    Good thing you aren't bacon. As I stated earlier, bacon is very evil.
    But I like to eat Bacon.

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    The good stuff is always bad for us

    ...and toast eating bacon?!

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    I need to vote for someone, and French Toast hasn't posted, so:

    ##Vote:French Toast

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