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    Howdy folks.

    So, I may be absolutely retarded, but I'm reading how to get secret characters (the "normal" ones who just come with a few very difficult abilities mastered rather than the major NPCs) in FFTA, and it says the way you do it is take certain items "with you" on missions. For instance to get one you take the Hero Gaol with you on a mission.

    But... haha how do you do that? I mean, I haven't seen any screens that let you pick what items you take on a specific mission, and there's nowhere to "equip" these mission items onto your characters. Am I just stupid or is this a function that doesn't begin until some point later in the game (I've only gotten up to the third Totema, first Jagd)?

    Thanks for your help fellas.

    I am, indeed, quite stupid. The gray "--" above the OK is apparently where you pick what you take with you. I knew that items you HAD to use on the mission go there, didn't realize you could click them and put anything you want there.

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    Welcome to the forums. Just so you know, don't double post, instead use the edit/delete button.

    Yeah, you need to use that gray dashed line. The semi secret characters each come with a powerful move and at a couple levels above your average party level. The appearance of the semi secret characters is random though, so it may take a while to get them.

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    If you ever have an 'Ally Finder' and the item that you need for the semi-secret character at the same time, equip those. It makes it easier.

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    Haha yeah I got Lini first try with it, funny enough, the only difficult part was predicting which missions would yield a new recruit.

    Does equipping items for missions have any other advantages? I read somewhere about sub-mission rewards or something, and sometimes it seems like I have an option to avert combat by giving or doing something in particular (not submitting to the other side, obviously), but like giving sweets to the faeries or what the crap ever. Do you get a special bonus or an easy completion when you have certain items?

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    That faerie mission is a good example. Give her Cyril Ice and you get a weapon that you can't get anywhere else.

    If you want Sylvril, talk to Auggie on a mission and pay up something like 10000 gil. It becomes nothing in the future.

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