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Thread: The Journal Thread (December)

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    Default The Journal Thread (December)

    *insert journal type stuff here*

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    Dear Journal,
    Scott inserted you here, so I felt I should post. :\

    *copies from livejournal*

    [mood: sad]
    [music: Linkin Park- Pushing me away]

    yeah.. happy 6 months indeed... *cries*

    yeah.. I'm sad. are you all really that surprised?
    The only stars in my sky are the ones i haven't let fall down yet.

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    Mood: average aka crap as.
    What's there to say really. I'm ultra tired and real happy that school's almost out. Life is crummy as usual. I'm soon off to find a holiday job. My brother keeps coming to me with pokemon. There is of course the usual teenage stuff which I won't mention in here. Pretty much only ONE WHOLE PERSON knows about that right now. Wonderful(!) Rehersals for prizegiving are gonna start soon and whatnot. Secret santa.. activity day. I really can't be bothered. I don't see very much point in anything at all right now. This mood... sux0rs.

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    No need for anything. At least not here.

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    Today ranked about a -27 on the scale today. It was terrible. Of course, it was a Monday.

    Woke up this morning to find that my right eye was irritated beyond imagination and I wouldn't be able to wear my contacts. Perfect. My glasses are on a really old prescription and it's hard for me to read stuff with them.

    We started playing basketball in PE today... I hate playing basketball in there. The class got yelled at most of the hour because of a bunch of guys goofing off. 'Twas great. Yeah, something like that.

    Last Friday I had a very very minor accident in the parking lot after school. I bumped some guys car because he was coming at me when I was pulling out. I couldn't see him, so I just pull out. After all of it happens, he ends up bending his "brand new license plate." Oh dear God no. Of course the guy's in my PE class and was giving me crap about it. I couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

    Lunch was terrible. My pizza sucked again. I'm about to just give up and starve at lunch. School food sucks.

    After school I'm going out to my car to go home, and my friend tells me that I have all these little post-it notes all over the side of my car. That was freaking annoying. I think it was the guy that I had the small accident with, but there's no proof. If it continues to happen, I will take action.

    Found that I'm finally going to see a doctor about these stomach problems I've had for the past couple months. I hope it's nothing major. I start work on Thursday and I need money...


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    I still feel so new to this board. I came here as something to do online. ah, hopefully one day i shall be noticed.....

    Pixely Goodness
    "There is no word that, upon hearing it, will send the listener to the lake of fire." - Frank Zappa[/center]

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    Default Hello, Journels. Long time no see. *_^*

    *pastes from his LJ*

    Mikael said...
    @ 2001-12-04 21:31:00

    Current Mood: good
    Current Music: Nickleback - This is how you remind me

    Christmas party. *_*
    Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my work's Christmas party. We have this HUGE cottage and catering service rented,and about 20 - 30 persons (some has families, volunteer workers etc) will be there. Day after that will be Finland's independance day, so it's a day off for possible hungover.;P
    Part of us will go there around 3PM for some hiking and saunaing, and there's lots of rum and beer waiting for us there in Sauna. We've got lots of time to drink, cose the eating and such begins at 8pm.*_* And then we drink even moren more, and probably around midnight we'll go to sauna again. I'm taking suit there, because most will probably wear a suit, and I actually feel like wearing a suit now.

    Year ago we help our Xmas party in some sort of baths place. I don't get hungover etc really at all, but last year I actually got alcoholic poisoning.x_X Maybe because they always filled our glasses once they were empty, and we had all the time 3 drinks at the same time; Wine, beer and some vodka.:P Anyways, I wasn't in horrendous state at the night, but in morning I woke up shaking, sweating, thirsty...and every 15 - 30 minutes I went to throw up my bile. That was nasty, I once had alcoholic poisoning when I was a kid. I really felt like I was dying when I was shaking in bed. I have no good idea why that happened last year.

    So, I won't be around tomorrow, unless I come around night after the party. I might miss award results too, as they are given around mid-day my time.

    See ya, anyways. By the way, if I won't be back ever, I've died.
    ('-'*)/ - "sup"

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    Date: 12/4/01 Tuesday 9:37PM

    Well, today was a confuising day. Very confusing. Not to mention, horrible, but I don't need to bore you with the details. But I will, well, it's more for me, since no one will read this. Any way, I need to write this out, so I know how I stand on it. Today at the end of Lab class, one of my friends started talking to the girl I like. Well, he knows I like her, but she doesn't (as far as I know). He started to ask me out for her, jokingly of course. Then she told him to ask me out for him. Which she was joking. Well I don't know, maybe I'm just scared of it, or maybe I read into things too much. I don't know, either way, I wanted to write this out to get it out of my system. I space provided is appreciated.

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    Date: 12/5/01 The day the repo man died...

    I must go alone into the great beyond. It is a place where wrenches will be of no use, and so i leave my last wrench smoldering in my earthly body. My life at EoFF was short but eventful, with a meteoric rise to popularity and the inevitable fall. All must remember the magic I brought to this place, and keep a corner of your heart open for the repo man you all knew and loved. I leave you with a poem in the Writer's Forum.

    This will be my final post. Ever. Farewell you great people.

    "Coolest newbie, ever. *hands repo man a Ciddie*"~Agent Proto

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    Well, another Thursday, another fifteen dollars or so. Heh.

    I finished doing the tally and everything today, and I was pretty excited coming into #eoff and EoFF Forums... and then, I dunno. I posted, chatted, went and read some livejournal stuff, checked my mail. And suddenly, I'm not happy. Weird. I'm sad? Why? WHY? Dammit. This sucks... I think I need a soft drink. Yup. *goes to the next shop to buy one*

    PS. Laters, repo man.
    Bow before the mighty Javoo!

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    Tis been a while since I last wrote. But I got bored. >=D

    I had a sex-change today. I'm no longer Tatum/Katherine. Hehe. So we're just being "horny-guys" in that sex-change thread. I wish I could take a look at last year's anniversary threads. They must've been fun. I only remember Matt and Robbie being girls and doing stuff. xD

    Anyway, I got a letter from my cousin Nancyanne the other day. I'm not gonna reply to her yet because they're arriving today, yay!

    I love weekends. But I'm still in my night shirt so I'm gonna go get changed and have a relaxy morning.

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    [ mood | crushed ]

    So.. I feel awful.. I;ve spent my entire nite crying, I played with my knife (only one cut this time but still..) and the only thing that would have made me feel better this goddamn weekend was going to see Jon... but nope... can't do that.. this weekend is friend weekend. >_< I was going to drive 7 smurfing hours to see him and surprise him...I guess it's better I found out before I left tomorrow afternoon huh? ;_;

    I guess I'll just sit on my ass and play final 9 this weekend... straight through because I'm pathetic and have absolutely nothing better to do than that. So.. I won;t be online this weekend. I might not ever come back.. I haven't decided yet. I just know that right now I feel terrible... and all I want to do is curl up into a ball and die...
    The only stars in my sky are the ones i haven't let fall down yet.

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    Mood: Hyperactive
    Song: Melodies of Life
    Today I did nothing ^_^
    Well, I went to school, and decided to come back to this place. Great desicion of mine too cos I got a nice warm welcome back in the chatroom ^_^ Downloaded AIM too and some other stuff

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    Default started.....ok i guess and then it got really great and then it went sour. really fast. my conditioner smells like that sour apple pucker stuff and i about barfed. anyway my boyfriend is mad at me i think bc i forgot to put up a fecking "i'm away eating/showering/trying to get my brothers away from me/ running an errand/trying to collect my thoughts sign. so he thinks i'm feckin mad at him bc i wouldn't reply when he was IMing me. -_-;; and i have this friend who is a goody two shoes and keeps asking what i did the night before to feel so tired and funny. (gee i drank ok!?) and i am feed up with my family. i'm thinking about ingoring everyone and do as....Danni did and give myself a cut or 5. you know....just so i don't feel it mentally. hhhmmm.......i'm really grumpy and tired and depressed again. -_-;; wonderful. i think i shall give out all my passwords to everything to see how much of a livin hell ppl can make my life. and i have a fecking friend who watches star trek. wtf is up with that. i think i will go chat. misery loves company. >: D *insert manical laugh here* i like melodies of life. great song.

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    *permanently smitten*
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    today i annexed a computer and did stuff. yeah. and my brother put some more speed holes in the door. and stuff. bye.

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