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Thread: Smoking or Non?

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    Nope. Too expensive. Rather spend it on pixels in a mobile phone game.

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    i no longer smoke. i used to smoke a pack of 10 a day. i have not smoked full-time for about 8 years now, although I would usually smoke about a pack or three a year when away from home, usually at a yearly event/festival thing I used to attend.

    covid meant no more yearly event, so that particular year I stopped, and i haven't smoked since. i consider myself "quit" but the truth is I still get cravings that I am luckily able to ignore.

    i do enjoy smoking and the little rituals associated with it, and I would continue to smoke if it wasn't so damaging, and so expensive.

    although i feel comparing addictions is a bad idea, and I certainly wouldn't compare the kinda magnitude and urgency of my cravings with other addictions, i do kinda manage it the same way as more "serious" addictions - when i go through a period of bad cravings i take it one day at a time.

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