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Thread: Mafia XI: Congrats to the sexiest mafia team ever

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    Default Mafia XI: Congrats to the sexiest mafia team ever

    WarrenW and MichaelC were giving Cid are tour of EoFF. When they got to the mafia club, they got something too drink. Unfortunately, someone had poisoned WarrenW and MichaelC's drinks. It had to be someone in the club at the time. Thankfully, WarrenW managed to look the place down before dying.
    Everyone know that the only way to get out was to kill all opposition. They elected Cid to be the executer, while they would vote on who would die.


    That's me, Cid! In this game, I'll be in charge of keeping the game running smoothly, dealing with any problems that may pop up, vote counts, and anything else that may require my attention.

    All night actions should be PM'd to me, [M] Cid!


    The game will be broken up into two phases, day and night. The day phase will usually last no longer than 24 hours, and the night phase no longer than 12 hours. (Neither of these are set in stone. If the day phase ends at 1 in the morning, for example, we'll probably let the night run longer because people are often busy until the evenings.) During the day discussion will be in this thread and it will be closed at night. During night those with night roles will PM [M] Harry Potter with their activity. Once night is up day will come again and talking may resume.


    You must VOTE! Voting plays an integral role, not only in deciding who to lynch, but also to help tell who the scum are based on voting patterns. If it seems like a player is avoiding voting on purpose, I'll smack them around with my gavel!

    Votes and Unvotes should be presented in the following format:

    ##Vote: [M] Name
    ##UnVote: [M] Name

    Votes submitted outside of that format will not be counted.

    If a majority is reached, the one with majority will be lynched. If it’s a tie then there will be a sudden death. If time for the day ends, the one with the most votes will be lynched.


    Borrowed from a trail of people that ultimately leads to Miriel.

    • Unless specifically mentioned in your Assignment PMs, all Mafia related discussion must happen in the Official game thread. Please do not discuss the game using instant messengers, IRC, Private Messages, voice chats, phone calls, snail mail etc. etc. No, we can't enforce this because we can't spy on you, but we would appreciate it if you followed this simple rule.

    • Do not reveal your role privately to each other. You can of course role claim as part of your strategy in this thread. Just don't do it outside the game.

    • Play nice. Even if you are using second accounts, don't resort to flaming and whatnot. Kill each other without resorting to being mean.

    • Please make all posts in the Game thread under your specific Mafia accounts.

    • Play fair. Also known as the "don't be an ass" rule. Being an ass includes cheating, diverging completely from your assigned role, going back and deleting or editing all your posts, using asshole-ish methods to find out information about other people's roles, etc. I reserve the right to replace or modkill as I see fit if you're not playing fairly.

    • Do NOT use your Mafia accounts to post in any non-Mafia related threads.

    • You CANNOT abstain from voting!

    Regarding roles and accounts:

    • All of the roles were assigned randomly to a player and then those were randomly assigned to the character.

    • Don’t roleplay, it’s annoying. I know it is. Play your character how you want though. There will be no penalty to anyone who does role play.

    • Don’t share with others who you are or what your password is or what your role is. This makes it lose its fun-ness. Think for yourselves guys! You don’t need anyone else. (not valid for shared accounts)


    It's a secret! But all can be found in here.

    List of accounts in play:

    [M] The Summoner of Leviathan Owned by penis on face day 4
    [M] Momiji
    [M] Denmark
    [M] Psychotic Crushed by boulder night 4
    [M] Loony BoB
    [M] ~*~Celes~*~ Inventor, Owned by Hawkings day 3
    [M] Yaridovich Insane Cop, Grayskulled night two
    [M] Demon Dude Mafia Goon, Raped to Death Day1
    [M] Del Murder
    [M] qwertyxsora Vanilla Townie, Nerve Gassed Night1
    [M] Dolentrean Elite Bodyguard, Shot Night 2
    [M] Miriel
    [M] Aerith's Knight Irony is a bitch on night 4
    [M] Sergeant Hartman
    [M] Goldenboko Vanilla townie, Owned by... dead fish? Night 3
    [M] Laddy Serial Killer, Shot night 2
    [M] NeoTifa Commuter, defied the laws of science day 2
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    As Psy, I feel obligated to use my massive talent in this game to kick the game off.

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    im from ohio guyz!

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    It's good to see the game underway, but a storm is coming and I have school tomorrow, so I won't be back for a while.


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    I'm sleepy, so off to bed I go!

    night night everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Psychotic View Post
    As Psy, I feel obligated to use my massive talent in this game to kick the game off.
    I hearby declare you my eternal rival.

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    *Summons Leviathan*

    Hi guys ^_^

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    Oh cool, I get to wake up to see this thing has started. Or wait has it? I don't see a deadline for day one :o

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    that was a nice sleep

    alright lets get this show on the road!

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    Let us throw open the floor to wild accusations!

    ##Vote: [M] Cid

    He clearly poisoned them so he would get ownership back. You know I'm right.

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    Sorry, but I hate jokevoting, I think playing should be left in the official thread, joking left in the signups. I'll staying out of it.

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    Aerith's Knight

    Wow... I had assumed my partner would have gotten on by now...
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    OK, I really don't know my role yet, so I don'e know what I am, only that I'm a hippy. So

    ## Vote: Demon Dude

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    So, does anyone know the time limit yet?

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