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Thread: Mafia XII: Game thread - Game Over, The silent town is silenced for good

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    Turns out I had to many cookies.

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    So it was a tad overweight then? Couldn't work as well because it suddenly got heavier than expected

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    As if you can talk Santa

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    I can assure you, the cookies I eat are purely low fat. I'm just big exoskeletoned, or whatever happens to be my robot equivilent to bones. Now, that Blob on the other hand, he has no excuse for his weight!

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    Could I please have a cookie, kind sir?

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    But have you been a good boy? I'm not sure about that one... Aw heck, take one, I'm feeling generous today.

    Also, Calculon and Fry jumped on Farnsworth fairly quickly. I know he was basically bandwagoning an inactive, but it's the only suspicious act I've noticed so far.

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    Bandwagoning on a bandwagoner

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    Cor blimey a whole cookie, why thankyou!

    They did jump aboard, but so did poor Scruffy
    Although, I'm not a fan of bandwagons either, they hardly end well

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    I can't see why they bothered killing Scruffy though, honestly. Unless they wanted to kill off any active members? Haven't really had enough to make any votes as yet, but hopefully we'll get more discussion soon!

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    Wait, Scruffy wasn't even that active. Okay, I have no clue from the night kill...

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    Maybe the people who played the mafians last game are playing this game as well.

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    Perhaps it needs to be looked at as who wasn't killed in the night phase, rather than why Scruffy was, he didn't do anything wrong.

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    That won't work too well, as few people posted day one.

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    Final Votecount

    [M] President Nixon (2) - [M] Horrible Gelatinous Blob, [M] Professor Farnsworth
    [M] Professor Farnsworth (3) - [M] Calculon, [M] Fry, [M] Scruffy
    [M] Horrible Gelatinous Blob (1) - [M] President Nixon

    Colour-coded for simplicity's sake. I would think voters would be the most likely to be night-killed, so we have Nixon, Blob, Calculon and Blob. It's very unlikely they are all scum, but we shouldn't rule that out (paranoid much? ) I have no theories at this point, but maybe someone can look at Tinny Tim's idea and work out something
    Last edited by [M] Mike - Funny Dad; 12-15-2008 at 08:58 AM. Reason: Forgot to colour Farnsworth

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    That is what I was essentially thinking, but my second hand CPU only goes so far

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