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Thread: Mafia XII: Game thread - Game Over, The silent town is silenced for good

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    xii. . . 12 days of christmas. . .

    COINCIDENCE? I think not!


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    Should you really be posting that here, rubah? I think not, ho ho NO! ()

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Robot Santa View Post
    ho ho NO!
    I think a Dwarf says that in FF3 DS.

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    I'm starting to like Tinny Tims idea. Most people did post, if only once.

    Also, the name Brannigan makes me think of Baigan. He even looks that guys sprite. COINCIDENCE? I think not!

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    How fortunate that I bought FFIV DS two days ago. We could be onto something here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Donbot View Post
    Alright, before day 2, a notice. [M] Robot devil has not yet confirmed, so keep that in mind.

    Let's get this day started!

    edit: Day end bumped up to 36 hours, to give Robot devil a chance to confirm.
    Oh I'm sorry, busy weekend in Robot Hell. We're getting ready for christmas and I was in charge of getting a christmas tree. Funny story actually, but I won't go into it now. Long story short, Robot Christmas Tree Salesman won't get much business down here.

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    Ho ho ho, a merry welcome to you Mr Devil! Would you care to incinerate some scum? I hear it's quite enjoyable!

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    I'll take a pass. Torturing humans doesn't interest me as much as it does you. Incidentally, you're on MY naughty list. I'm just waiting for you to 'die' so I can take you down to Robot Hell

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    You would ruin the spirit of Christmas for everyone: Blowing naughty boys and girls to pieces with rockets and such. I'm sure I've got a few more years left in me yet!

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    Naughty boys and girls are supposed to get pieces of coal in their stockings, not killed. Your maker screwed up worse than Fry when he tried to convince Bender that there's a Robot Heaven.

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    Ouch, epic burn. Though I suppose you ought to be good at that, what with being the Devil and all. Suppose you're right, then my entire life of delivering punishment has been for naught? Oh shoot, that blows.

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    Yes, yes it has. How does that make you feel? Sad? Angry? Horny? Homicidal? How about suicidal? They're all good choices.

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    I apologize for any inactivity... I'm far too busy lately. If it gets to be too much of a problem, I'll have the host replace me. Right now, I'm still looking at the Blob.

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    I have to say welcome to Mr.Devil, good to see you active. I would say that if you actually posted anything useful instead of chatting with Santa. Not a scummy move, just kinda useless.

    I think it would be a good idea to look at the votes from day 1, and question the people who voted over and over until we create some nice day 2 discussion. That gives us

    Blob, Calculon, Fry, Nixon.

    I'll ask a simple question to all of you out there. If you had to vote for any of these four people in a tiebreaker, who would you vote for any why?

    myself, I would have to cast a vote for Fry. He quickly followed up on my vote for Farnsworth, which was accompanied with the reason
    Quote Originally Posted by Me View Post
    I don't like Farnsworth's vote for Nixon.
    I'll admit that it was a pretty bad reason, but it was a pretty senseless vote after all. Unfortunately in making this vote a bandwagon started ending in the death of the crazy good professor. Fry is in the middle of said bandwagon, right after I made the vote.

    This would be my current choice, but it's not final as of now. i would love to read your opinions, they set my circuits full of robotic love
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    I'm catching up on the day 1 banter I missed. You got a problem with that? You do? Excellent! There's plenty of room down in Robot Hell for you

    I have to agree with you though, there was some bandwagoning from Fry there. It can easily be said that Fry is a dumbass and was just protecting his great-great-great (etc.) nephew though. Personally I mourn the passing of the great Hubert Farnsworth. He died before he had a chance to complete his experiment to turn himself into a robot

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