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Thread: Thunder Plains, Cactuar Stones

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    Default Thunder Plains, Cactuar Stones

    I know that to get Kimahri's Celestial weapon you have to activate 3 Cactuar Stones in the Thunder Plains. But what I want to know is, do you activate any random stone or are there 3 in particular, and if so where are they???

    Oh and while i'm in the Thunder Plains with the 200 Lightning bolts that you have to dodge for Lulu's sigil does it affect anything if you get a battle?
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    i) You can use any of the cactuar stones.

    ii) Getting into a battle doesn't reset the counter, but it does make it more likely that you'll get hit. Use a No Encounters armour to reduce the interruptions.

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    Yeah, not to mention how much slower it is to dodge bolts if you're constantly interrupted by battles.

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    it helps to not move i usually set up by the
    cactuar stone in the L shaped gouge that you grap the waterball in
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