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Thread: Searching for a wife & publicity

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    Pink Grin Searching for a wife & publicity

    I KNOW it's way too late to open a thread about this now but... Im going to do that anyway, because I want to.
    Here we go:
    Whats the deal with trying to find a wife to some random dude or getting publicity for the Tourist Agencies in the calm lands?
    I ran all over spira talking to a bunch of people for this quest, but whats the point running around all over the place when you cant even get half of them right????

    I got one wife....

    What do you think?
    We're you more successful than I?
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    If you start the wife and publicity missions in chapter 1, you can go to each person every chapter and try out different phrases to get the best result.

    You get stuff from the wife quest (forget what you get exactly) and the publicity opens a new game when the company reaches level 3, unlocks more stuff for trade by winning games and you need to get one company to level 5 to get the calm Lands Episode Complete for the mascot Dressphere.

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    I used a guide and got max points for the matrimony side quest, and for the publicity I got 1 company to 2x the points needed to get rank 5 + 1, then switched comanies and got that one to rank 5 as well. I had both at rank 5 then and I got all the rewards.

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    i thought publicity was so boring i just got 10000 points and played a lot of flying tombola (or whatever it's called in english). in chapter one, of course. the process speeds up a lot once you're allowed to bet 25 points in one game. sometimes you win and you gain points.
    it's best to do in CH1:

    CH1: +1 publicity every 20 points spent
    CH5: +1 publicity every 200 points spent...

    as for wife-search, i just ran shortly around spira until i got 5 points from random wives, then i went to moonflow each chapter and chose the 2nd answer on the -BOY- near the save sphere... this is also possible in CH4. That way you'll get 30 points and you don't get any better rewards anyway.

    Edit: btw, the right publicity answer for that boy is the fifth.

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    I nvr did the Calm Lands Mission. I prefer doing senseless killings.

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