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Thread: IT'S HERE: Eyeson's Next Cid's Knight Cycle 2 - FINAL ROUND STARTED

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    Rvelations will be posted sometime within the next couple of hours! BE THERE

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    In which case I'm going to bed and will find out in the morning! Good luck to everyone left in the competition.
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    For this moment, I would like to post my fanfic of the EoFF Staff (mostly Hsu and rubah) that I <strike> was forced</strike> had to write as part of the challenge at Solitary Island in the fourth round. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

    Click for story.
    by Agent Proto

    It was a rather quiet evening in rural Arkansas where Allison Byrum was relaxing on a rocking chair outside on the porch. The light breeze sent a cool feeling against the skin of her face, to which Allison enjoyed so very much. Moments like this were the reason why she called Arkansas home.

    Watching the sunset, Allison took a quick glance at her watch. It was 9:45 PM. Her boyfriend, Stuart Miller, was late. She sighed as she turned around to get inside.

    As she was about to turn the handle open, a car had just rolled onto the driveway. 'Stu's home.' Allison thought as a smile grew on her face. She turned around to face the car as Stuart got out of his car with a large smile on his face. "Hey baby," he said graciously as he opened himself for Allison as she ran up to him to embrace his warm loving hug. "Heard the good news, congratulations!"

    "It was nothing," Allison humbly said as she kissed Stuart. "I couldn't wait to tell you myself, but it looks like you already know about it."

    "Sure do," Stuart responded as he returned the kisses to Allison. "I'm really excited about this, dear. We ought to celebrate tonight."

    A celebration... Of course. Allison smirked at the thought. "Of course, Stu. Let's celebrate."

    Allison let herself off of Stuart and ran back to the door. As she reached the entrance, she stopped to look back at Stuart and winked at him. "I'll be at the bedroom, Stu. Don't take too long, alright?"

    As soon as she finished, she went inside, leaving Stuart by his car. This was a great time to be named Stuart Miller, as he was very much looking forward to celebrate with Allison Byrum, who had just been promoted at her job, where they just happen to both work at. Stuart loosened his tie preparing to get inside. He locked his car and walked towards the door.

    All the meanwhile, Allison was undressing her wardrobe to get into a sultry red outfit, as she had absolutely one thing on her mind. To celebrate with Stuart, She was now wearing a fully laced red satin nightgown. Smooth to the touch, appealing to the eyes, and all around sexy. She felt sexy wearing it. That was the entire intention, to feel and be sexy.

    As she was finished with the outfit, the bedroom door was opened. It was Stuart at the door with his eyes fully set on Allison. His jaws dropped in flabbergast. He couldn't believe if his eyes were deceiving him or not. Allison was dressed up for the night, while he was still in work clothes, even if they were about to be off shortly soon. Allison flashed a seducing smile as she walked up to Stuart.

    Slowly approaching, Allison eyed Stuart straight in the eyes, and him right back into hers. The heat was rising in the room as the two embraced in loving manner.

    Hold on, something is not right here... the temperature of the room was quite literally rising as smoke suddenly appeared from the hallway. Neither of the two hadn't immediately noticed, that was until the fire alarm went off in a loud screech. Both were now fully alarmed. "What the smurf's going on!?" Allison shouted as she rushed out her bedroom to discover that the house was caught on fire. "This is terrible! Do something Stuart!"

    Stuart was already into action. He opened a drawer to grab a handgun which was kept inside, as he figured that this was an act of arson against one of them. He had no idea who it could be. If it had to be someone, Stuart thought it might as well be someone who he and Allison both knew. Brandishing the handgun, he looked at Allison, who was scared less. "Don't worry babe, I'll take care of everything. Call 911 and get out!" He instructed Allison as he went his way out of the bedroom to search the fiery hallway.

    The smoke was getting heavier, and the heat rising, Stuart was ready for anything. The sweat that drenched his shirt kept him cool as he slowly walked along the hall, armed with a handgun.

    "Who the smurf's responsible for this?! Show yourself!"

    There was complete silence. The fire was still burning, and it appeared to be coming from the kitchen. That was where Stuart headed to. As he g0 there, he noticed a person standing there. It appeared to be a man, but he couldn't tell who it may be, as Stuart could only see the back of this person. Stuart aimed his gun at the man. "You there!" He shouted, "Turn around or I shoot you!"

    A laugh was soon heard in the kitchen. It was no ordinary laugh, it was a rather psychotic laugh, and it was the man standing in the kitchen that laughed the psychotic laughter. He laughed as he turned to face Stuart. "Isn't this quite an unfortunate series of events, wouldn't you agree Stuart?" The man asked, continuing to laugh.

    This couldn't be, Stuart recognized him. He stood there, lowering the gun in utter disbelieve. "...Paul, how could you do this?"

    An evil smile came across Paul's face as he was about to describe how. "Quite easy, Stuart," he said as he pulled out a set of matches he had on him. "See these matches? That's how."

    "But why?" Stuart continued to ask.

    "That promotion, Stuart!" Paul shouted. "I deserved that promotion, not her! It was supposed to be mine! She took it away from me!"

    Stuart aimed the handgun back at on Paul. "She earned it fair and square! And you know it, too!"

    "Who cares!?" Paul shouted as he took out a knife he held in his pants. "I'm taking what's rightfully mine! Now tell me, Stuart... Where's Allison?"

    The fire kept burning, and soon the entire house was engulfed in flames. Stuart couldn't stay inside, and he had to get out. He put the gun away from Paul and prepared to head out. "I told her to get out because of this fire! We should get out as we-"

    "I'm not going anywhere, Stuart." Paul said as he interrupted Stuart. "Please, keep me some company."

    Brandishing the knife, he quickly leapt towards Stuart. He missed as Stuart managed to dodge him on time. "This is crazy, Paul! Stop it!"

    It was getting hotter, and the two were now getting into a fight. Paul got himself back up and lounged his weapon at Stuart. "Come on, buddy. Let's play!"

    "Not at all, Paul." Stuart said as he pushed Paul away.

    This had turned into something of a fight now, and as the two continued on, sirens could be heard from outside as a firetruck showed up. Allison was outside and watched as the fire took over her home. She stood by Stuart's car as she was approached by the chief fireman. "We're finally here to take out the fire, is there anyone or anything left inside?"

    Allison pointed at her enflamed house. "My boyfriend is still inside, and he hasn't came out! i'm really worried about him!"

    "Don't worry miss, we'll take care of it. Leave it all to us." The fireman assured Allison as he put on his helmet and equipment.

    Allison was worried about Stuart. She was really worried. She doesn't know about Paul being in her house, and that was very worrisome. She stayed by Stuart's car as the firemen took care of the fire, hosing them hoping to have them extinguished soon.

    As the firemen were doing their business, Stuart and Paul were still fighting. Bleeding and burning was not a good combination, and by that, it was hurting so much. Writhing in pain, Stuart tried to keep Paul away from him, but he was dealing with so much crap that he couldn't do it. Paul was more troublesome than he had expected. "Paul, this jealousy of yours is ridiculous! Stop it at once!"

    He cackled a laugh at Stuart. "No way, this is much more fun!" He quickly went after Stuart and grabbed him.

    Grabbing him, the two of them fell onto the floor. The gun Stuart held on had just got loose and landed on the floor in front of him and out of his reach. His leg was being held by Paul, and he had no idea what Paul would do next. "Let go of me!" Stuart shouted as he attempted to kick Paul loose, but to no avail.

    "The fun is just about to begin, Stuart." Paul said in a creepy voice, as he pulled Stuart closer to him. "Let's play!"

    Paul pulled him closer, and closer. Slowly with each pull. When all of a sudden a shot was heard. A bullet had just hit Paul in the leg. He immediately released Stuart free to grasp his leg. and shortly screamed in pain as he was dying from the blood wound.

    After watching Paul die, Stuart was able to get himself back up and with the help of the rescuers there, he managed to escape the house and into Allison's arms.



    They hugged each other, happy to know that each were safe and out of harm's way. After the two hugged, Allison quickly asked Stuart about what happened. After all, he had been stuck inside for quite awhile, and she was really worried about him.

    "It's Paul." Stuart said, as he looked back at the burning house.

    "Paul?" Allison repeated. "What's he doing here?"

    "He wanted that promotion you got," Stuart responded. "He got very jealous and wanted to kill you, so he set up this fire to take us out."

    "Oh no, that's terrible..." Allison gasped in disbelief. "I didn't think he could be the jealous type. What happened to him, Stuart?"

    "He's dead."

    Moral of the story: Jealousy kills.

    I am just... that ace!

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