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Thread: Solo Leveling Locations

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    Moomba Solo Leveling Locations

    My current party, at level 34ish, was brought up from the tradition level to beat the game on (27) to level 33 by soloing each character individually.

    My comment is that it was quite fun and fast doing the leveling of each character alone (I did it against the eye in the Ice Cave).

    My question is what places do other people like doing solo leveling; Maybe the Blue Dragon before the Floating Castle or Badmen/Gas Dragons 2000 years in the past?:mog:
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    >>> The eye in the Ice cave is the best choice.
    you just have to be careful with those rub/death spells..

    Gas D are way to dangerous for a solo battle, the worms are a better choice there..
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    Worms and Frost Dragons on the first floor of the ToF, 2000 years ago...
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    I never saw the point. You get 4x the experience but you have to do it four times. If anything it takes longer because of the time between fights.

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