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Thread: About Chaos and Cosmos Reports [spoilers]

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    Question About Chaos and Cosmos Reports [spoilers]

    Hey, does someone got all the Chaos and Cosmos reports for the museum collections?
    I finally got them in my english copy (in the jap one I got them, but didn't understand things very well (I'm bad at kanji =( ...)

    And now that I have them in english, I still don't understand them well xD!

    I have a lot of questions, I played FFI since so much time ago, that I don't remember well all the things of that game, so I don't know if I'm missing something...

    Who is the mother and the child in the Cosmos reports? Who is the husband?, is the clone mother Cosmos? Garland and Chaos are one of them?
    Is there a connection to FFI in the reports? ...She talks about a floating city, I remember there was one in FFI, although I'm not sure cause as I said, it's been a long time since I played that game... D:

    Could u please share your ideas or explain the way you understood the reports?
    Is the first time I'm so confused about FF plot!

    (Sorry If u already talked about this in another thread, I made a search about reports in the forum and found nothing... )
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    Since you've already put the spoiler tags in....

    There was a big discussion over this on Gamefaqs when players started getting the reports on the japanese version, the conclusion was that the father was Cid Of The Lufeine and the child is Garland, the mother i'm not too sure about, this discussion was a LONG time ago so i'm a bit scarce on the details.

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    Thanks for the answer... I have a similar idea about the story, but I still have lot of questions and doubts...

    I often visit Gamefaqs, but I've been away from the net since some time ago, cause of personal reasons. I just have little time to be online, so there are just few things I can do when I'm online. So I prefer to talk in this forum instead of others cause I like this one. Actually, I'm just visiting utube and eyesonff lately xD... (As I said, I don't have much time)... I don't think there is no reason to talk in a forum about something that have not been talked about in that forum, even if that is something that have already been talked about in other one... =/ ...Internet is wide, and you can't always be everywhere...
    Kuja, Please, Rest In Peace...
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    Yeah... the whole game...

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