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Thread: Let's have another round, my esper mate!

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    ....i'd like to have .......professor Xavier
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    "A yeti with a love for bone carvings. Stronger than a gigas... but a bit unruly."

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    I'd chill with Odin. He'd just one-hit kill anything and anybody that tried to attack us or make fun of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuPu View Post
    I'd chill with Odin. He'd just one-hit kill anything and anybody that tried to attack us or make fun of us.
    or completely miss 80% of the time and leave you up sh** creek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyros View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by beema View Post
    whats with the boobs and otherwise female physique then?

    Starlett is also pretty scantily clad
    Ask the Hindu's why Shiva's a god with a feminine physique. Sometimes he's depicted as a guy and other times as a girl, but regardless he's still a god and not a goddess.
    Shiva in Final Fantasy is not the Hindu god. There are tons of differences between the two entities, and using one to set terms on the other is poor debate tactics. In Final Fantasy, Shiva is always referred to as a female, and is even described as being specifically female in FF Dissidia. Also, she is not always dressed revealingly or nude, as the (totally awesome) FFTA artwork shows.
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