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Thread: Tidus' Opinion of Jecht

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    Default Tidus' Opinion of Jecht

    The first time we see Jecht really, it's from Tidus' POV. In a dream. Jecht mocks him openly.

    However, we get a few real flashbacks:
    YouTube - Final Fantasy X Cutscene 28 - The Jecht Shot Mark III

    Also the scene on the Farplane:

    Tidus: I think i just figured something out.. Why i hate my old man. Whenever my old man was around, my mother wouldn't even look at me.
    I hated my old man even more.. But really, my old man...
    Jidus: mommy!
    Mother: just a sec, dear.
    Jecht: Ah, go to him. He'll cry if you don't.

    We also know he was a drunk from Tidus' memories and the Shoopuf story Auron will tell you at the Moonflow.

    So, in the end, was Jecht a (verbally) abusive father? Laughing at your six-year-old son can't be that bright. That and he was a drunk.

    Or is it all just really Tidus' mother issues?

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    I don't think he had any issues with his mother. It's definitely dad in this case.

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    It's the fact he loved his mother so much that he was jealous of Jecht.

    So it is both really.

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    I am more interested in how the dream of the fayth reproduces. Does it happen when the fayths have wet dreams?

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