We are smurfing badasses.

I would like you to post evidence that you are badass in here.

I mean, I am badass. Not like Raoul Duke, but much worse/better. Whatever you consider more dangerous to your life. I am not one for all this party nonsense in a "we are not full of club house eliteist" forums. I am too badass for clubs, and I am way to badass for saying one thing and doing another. Just kidding, I do what I want, cause I am that baddass. Not even my word can hold me back, like most others that seem to run these forums.

Either way - Why are you so badass? Tell me. I really want to know the badassness that is eoff.

P.S. As much as this might rip on the forum staff, I would like you all to know that I e-love you all (enough). Also, I approve of the woodchunk norrrrrrris filter. Amazing. I misspelled the annoying legends name for obvious reasons.