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Thread: Balthier an original name?

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    Default Balthier an original name?

    I am wondering if anyone can clear this up for me.

    I tried a Google search on the name Balthier because I was curious about its origins, but the only results I got were related to FFXII. I thought I had heard it before FFXII was released, and that it had mythical/antique origins. Anyone know?

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    Balthier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    When Final Fantasy XII was introduced in Japan for the first time, Balthier's name was actually "Balflear". Consequently, his name has remained the same throughout the course of years before its Japan release. Several months later, during a press conference concerning the North American release for the game, his name was changed to "Balthier". Other names were changed accordingly, such as "Valentia" to "Valendia".
    It is yet another deliberate(?) error with the translation. I am not sure Balflear makes much more sense though or that this is exactly what the original namer wanted, Katakana isn't always 100%.

    So Balthier is original sorely due to mistranslation . Same way that Midgar Zolom is. Of course Balflear may also be original to a point. It is possible that the namer used 2 or more words and melded them and there is no set-in-stone way to do that, they could have used foreign words also or mixed them up. So yes, it may still be original.

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    its a hebrew variant for balthazar & means god protect the king. basch is german/hebrew & a variant short for sebastian.

    its ffamran im trying to find! ever google search just brings me back to FF12 (also one harry potter reference. weird. i KNOW that name is NOT in harry potter....unless its a different language?) like to know the origins of ffamran. i love that name!

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