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Thread: Mindsmurf Mafia - GAME OVER - Town Win - The Triple H gods are the heroes!

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    I dunno, I'd have to have a reaaaaallly good look at you to judge that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Aphrodite View Post
    Hey friends! Guess what? I'm hawt.
    I'd totally hit that.

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    I expect dinner and a movie first.

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    Some of your names are way too similar. I'll end up voting for the wrong person or something

    If you all just let me look at you for a bit so I can commit your faces and names to memory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Aphrodite View Post
    I expect dinner and a movie first.
    Oh certainly. I could even play guitar for you and sing you some fine italian music if you'd like<3

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    Sometimes when you play guitar I cry because it's so good

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Hades View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Persephone View Post
    Well hello, gorgeous. Wanna come stay in my place, 6 months out of the year?
    Your place?

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    Don't go Persephone! Don't go!

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    I'm the god of Twilight. Anyone want Edward's autograph?

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    Team Jacob, eh?

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    We have to vote on Day 0 without knowing even what our own role may be?! Zeus is so cruel. I'll be very in and out the entire game so I probably won't be around at the end of the day. Votage.

    ##Vote: Persephone

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    This is really hard I don't know who to vote for yet! But Zeus said it was mandatory that I vote for somebody...

    I think I'll vote for um well
    ##Vote: Apollo

    I think I'm meant to hate him, right?

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    I'm glad that the sun is up, but voting on my daughter? I cannot excuse that!
    May you feel my full wrath!

    ##Vote: [M] Helios

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