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Thread: Theories about Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Hercules, and Hades

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    Except combining Rinoa with Tifa wouldn't make much sense as Rinoa's existence has already been teased during the ending credits of Kingdom Hearts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMillionaire View Post
    Cloud would confront Hades about what he did to him and Sora, and then Tifa would arrive and tell Cloud about Hades
    Tifa did not find Cloud. It was Yuffie and the others. That's the final scene of them in the first Kingdom Hearts. There he meets Aerith again. The story of Sephiroth, Cloud and Tifa is based on On the Way to a Smile. Cloud always leaves and avoids Tifa because of his job and his sorrow since he was not able to save Aerith, while the weakened Sephiroth who has always resisted the lifestream fuses with Cloud's memories and makes them and his own memories about Cloud the source of his soul. And in Kingdom Hearts II the just call it "darkness" instead of "memories"."Stay were you belong - in my memories.""I will never be a memory.""No matter how many times I fall, your darkness will always bring me back."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del Murder View Post
    You have obviously thought a lot about this. :o

    It would be funny if the creators made all these game decisions based on her tits,
    That is alway the principal consideration, isn't it?

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