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    What started off as an 'X-Files' rip-off/update in the first season turned out to be good mid season 2 (the episde 'Peter' is still the best ep. to date) and then freaking awesome by season 3. One crazy mythology (but not Lost crazy) where 2 Parallel universe are at war! Only one problem though. No-one is watching!

    After Lost i wasnt sure i'd be able to stick with a show with a series long mythology but this show delivers on answers and then some..

    Any Sci-fi enthusiests should give it a shot..there are still some monsters of the week stories but the show doesnt rely on it as much as it did during its first season!

    Anyone watch this show?

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    can you be more specific?


    I watch it occasionally, but only cas the main character is a stoner and it's hilarious.

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