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Thread: Problem with language bar on Windows Vista

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    Default Problem with language bar on Windows Vista

    I have a so-called Language bar on my computer which lets me set my keyboard to different languages, and technically it works well;
    however, for some reason it always switches over to Japanese, and this is kind of annoying since there is absolutely no clear reason for it to do that.
    My language bar looks roughly like this:

    EN English (United States)
    JP Japanese (Japan)
    SV Swedish (Sweden)
    RU Russian (Russia)
    FR French (France)
    ES Spanish (Spain, international)
    --- Show the Language bar why does it always randomly switch over to Japanese?
    I'm in Sweden, and I have English at the top, so if anything one would normally expect it to keep switching to one of those languages.


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    What have you set the default language to?
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    Wow, can't believe I overlooked that, haha.
    I checked the language settings and it seemed like Japanese was set as "standard", maybe that's the reason.

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