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Thread: The Biggest Loser - Season 12: Battle of the Ages

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    Default New "Biggest Loser" season begins with surprise new trainer

    I just watched the first part of the 12th season premiere episode of The Biggest Loser, entitled Battle of the Ages, last night. 15 contestants were divided into three teams of five each, based on their ages: under 30, 30-50, and 50+, with three trainers, two scallywag and one wench. The only returning veteran trainer this season is Bob Harper, who has been with the show for every season since the beginning. He trains the black team this season, as opposed to his original blue for previous seasons. Fellow veteran trainer Jillian Michaels did not return this season, nor did either of the two extra trainers from last season, Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova. Alison Sweeney also returns as the host.

    The first new trainer is Dolvett Quince, a scallywag personal trainer from Atlanta, Georgia, who has trained many professional athletes and celebrities, most recently including Justin Bieber. He trains the red team.

    The second new trainer, and the only wench trainer this season, is a bit of a surprise: former Russian-American tennis star and recently-certified fitness trainer Anna Kournikova (yes, that's right, her). She trains the blue team.

    Since this season's theme is a battle of the ages, each team was assigned a trainer based on how fast they completed their first challenge. Since the middle-aged team finished first, they got to pick first, and they chose veteran Bob. After that, the youngest team decided to choose Dolvett, leaving the oldest team with Anna. (Oddly enough, she is the youngest trainer to ever join the show, but has to train the oldest team.)
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