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Thread: Mafia XXI History Edition Game Thread Day 1: 21st Century Beatdown

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    Look, I hate to say this, but not voting for Simon is voting for Hitler. I am glad that there are other people who seem to agree.

    ##VOTE: Simon Bolivar

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    ##Vote: Simon Bolivar

    You're scum. You have to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Jesus View Post
    5 votes for a majority lynch.
    Catherine, Alexander, Genghis, Shaka and Tokaguwa make that 5. I'll leave the thread closed 'til the moderator gets here to post flavour.

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    Simon Bolivar was cornered. "I didn't do anything! Please, you have to understand!"

    Catherine put her knee on a chair, revealing excellently delicious fishnet tights. "I must say, sirs, there seems to be a...scum on the loose," he said menacingly in her thick yet beautiful Russian accent.

    Genghis Khan pulled a sword and stated fiercely, "Indeed, we must eliminate him!"

    Tokugawa bowed and stated, "With all due respect, my opponent, your time has come, Mr. Bolivar."

    Shaka Zulu prepared his spear and faced Simon, "Yes, I do believe it is time we take things over from now on." With that, Shaka impaled Simon Bolivar in the throat, killing him. He wiped the blood of his weapon, turned around, and announced: "It seems there's a little problem with the management on this place. You may be some of the greatest people to ever walk the earth, but we, the Mafia, are the greatest to ever live!" Cheers abound from the four villains as the world slipped into chaos...

    [M] Simon Bolivar was a Misogynistic Townie played by KaiserDragon. Thanks for playing

    Mafia Wins! Woo!

    Your beloved quartet:

    [M] Catherine the Great-Prostitute played by Freya and Psychotic.

    [M] Genghis Khan-Mafia Framer played by Jentleness.

    [M] Tokugawa Ieyasu-Mafia Mason played by Justy.

    [M] Shaka Zulu-Godfather played by Jentleness.

    The losers:

    [M] Gandhi- Mason played by chionos.

    [M] Alexander the Great-Bulletproof Mason played by Genius Lynx.

    [M] Queen Isabella-Perceptive Roleblocker played by f f freak.

    [M] Queen Elizabeth-[Cop played by KaiserDragon as well.

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