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Thread: What would you like to see come out next?

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    Default What would you like to see come out next?

    Like the title implies what series would you like to see make another great game.

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    Too many to count really.

    Of the list you have:

    Chrono 3 or even a simple remaster of Trigger or Cross wouldn't be a bad idea. As long as Kato and Mitsuda are involved, I wouldn't be against the idea of SE making a new entry or playing around with the older entries.

    Breath of Fire is a bit more complicated cause I'm still a bit annoyed with how BoFVI turned out, and with Capcom's track record of late, I think it may be for the best the series ended, unless Capcom assured fans they were going to take a sequel seriously this time. Then again, I would love for Capcom to create a Collection of the series for modern consoles. Port the first five entries as a collection like the Mega Man titles. I would only wish that Capcom put some effort into it (not likely) and actually retranslate all the games with better localization.

    Ogre Battle would be interesting, and a good way of getting Matsuno to do something besides help scandalous kickstarter programs that swindle people's money. In this case, I would really hope SE would actually make a new entry in the series as opposed to a remake or reboot. If they can't give me that, then how about a new Ivalice game?

    On the flip side, in terms of games not mentioned. I would love for Namco to give us a remaster of the Xenosaga series. It will never likely happen but I feel it deserves to get a revamp. I also wish FROM Software and Sony should team up to do a remake of Demon's Souls now that the servers will be done for good after this month. I've been replaying it recently and it's a great if clunky game that could really benefit from being updated with some of the the things the team have learned from the rest of the Souls series.It would also help give it more exposure since it eventually got overshadowed by the superior Dark Souls franchise.

    I also wouldn't mind if SE did something with Xenogears. They'e been teasing interest in the IP for the last couple of years, and I would love for them to either re-release it with a better translation/voice acting as a minor remaster as part of a PS1 Era collection (let's do a set with Musashi, Front Mission 3, Bushido Blade, and Vagrant Story) or even actually make a new title that will likely fail to live up to the original. Just stop teasing me about it.

    Konami, will likely never do anything I would care about again. With that said, they could do some things to get back into my good graces, starting with releasing P.T. Demo again cause hot damn that should never had been taken down. While Suikoden is dead, like Capcom, a collection for modern systems would be grand, especially since they kind of screwed it up last time. An arcade collection would be nice as well but I'm painfully aware that too many of the titles I love are sidelined for licensing issues.

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