Probably one of the hardest rpg's I've ever played, which is why I'm creating this thread for open discussion on good tips/tricks and item locations. If you've got any interesting tidbits on this frustrating game help a brother out!

Possible spoiler for the adventurous 'I want to find it by myself' types; Once you've gotten out of the tutorial take the rightmost path outside of the firelink shrine to the graveyard and hustle past the skeletal warriors (incredibly hard enemies with no rewards once beaten) to gather up all the items which include a magic resistant shield, named greatsword and lost souls.
Also, as a personal preference plug, the master key is incredibly useful in gathering better equipment/items and even easy access to areas throughout the game making it an excellent choice in the character creation.

As a general topic share some of your misadventures within the realm of Dark Souls.