So this is a thread about Persona 4 Arena.

Anyone else pick this up today? So far the game is pretty awesome and gets me in the mood to play through P4 again. The combat system is well structured (even has status effects) combining elements of Arc System Works titles (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue) and the Persona 4 battle system.

Surprisingly, its a fairly user friendly game with pretty simple commands and easy combos as opposed to some of the sheer insanity that Guilty Gear and BlazBlue asked of the player. So the game does not require a top of the line arcade stick or 10+ years of experience playing 2D Fighting games to not get your ass totally handed to you by the CPU. Yet, the game mechanics are intricate enough to where I don't feel the game will be too off putting for serious fighting game fans either. FYI: The P3 characters are all horribly over powered and cheap. For the anal otaku, you will be happy to know the game allows you to switch between the English and Japanese voices. For the fans who loved the series more for its story than its gameplay, I can assure you that Story Mode is very heavy on the story and actually offers you some minor dialogue choices just like the main entries. The plot seems like an excuse plot at first but has really opened up in story mode as something worthy to be considered a real sequel to Persona 4. Though it is weird to actually hear the MC of P4 speak like a regular person. It has a bitching soundtrack with an awesome upbeat techno remix of Aria of the Souls, and even includes some tracks from both P3 and P4. Honestly, I was just going to play a bit of arcade mode but got sucked into the game all evening.