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Thread: What game genre are you the WORST at?

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    Difficult games.

    Basically, I have no genre weakness, really. It's all about my computing speed versus the AI and the layout of the controller. Whether RPG, Puzzle, Sport, act/ad, Fighting, Shooter, FPS, RTS, stealth/survival, sim, Racing, Music/Rhythm, Trivia... okay, I think that's all of them. Point being, I can play it well if we're on the same level.

    As an example, I did well on Fighting Force and even Ehrgeiz, but it took some bit extra doing for the Bouncer and the Tekken series (I found Jinpachi incredibly difficult with most characters)... another example: I do well on every Final Fantasy ("well" here meaning I don't accomplish "perfect" playthroughs but I do complete the story) but I find some installments of KH to be somewhat confounding. Meanwhile, I also had an easier time navigating Jak, Psychonauts, and Okami.

    I love Grand Theft Auto but Gran Turismo often grates on my nerves.

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    Fighting games and real time strategy. Pick one.

    The ironic thing is they're probably two of the genres I enjoy the most.

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