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Thread: The Game That Started It All

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    I have no idea. I either started playing stuff on the C64 or the Atari but I can't remember. Asking this question is like asking "What TV show got you interested in TV?" I can't answer such a ludicrous question because I don't have memories that go back that far. Games just have always been there and you play games.

    That said, I can't even remember the names of any Atari games my parents had and I can no longer remember C64 games either...except for kickman, Mario Bros (Not Super Mario...just Mario Bros.) and Montezumas Revenge(Awesome Game). These I know are not the first but they are awesome all the same.

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    I used to play R.C. Pro-Am all the time too.
    My dad gave me that game for my sixth birthday. It's all kinds of fun but there's never any ending! Just the tracks repeating over and over and over again. I made it to somewhere in the late 30's before stopping once.

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    Sonic 1 on the Megadrive.
    Cannon Fodder on the Megadrive
    Lotus Speed Challenge Racing on the Megadrive (I think that was the name I remember it was a Racing game with Lotus)
    Streets of Rage on the Megadrive
    Tetris on the Gameboy.
    Mario on the Gameboy.
    Afterburner on the Master System.
    Legend of Zelda on Gameboy.
    Final Fantasy Legend 3 (actually the very first FF game I ever played and not one of the main series)

    Each of the above games could claim to be some of the first games I ever remember playing and thinking trout I needs me some of this!

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