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Thread: RIP Nintendo Power

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    Awesome, Del.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del Murder View Post
    And the EBay price has now skyrocketed.
    My friend Delzethin is currently running a GoFundMe account to pay for some extended medical troubles he's had. He's had chronic issues and lifetime troubles that have really crippled his career opportunities, and he's trying to get enough funding to get back to a stable medical situation. If you like his content, please support his GoFundMe, or even just contribute to his Patreon.

    He can really use a hand with this, and any support you can offer is appreciated.

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    I remember back in the day reading nintendo power and I do remember one issue where they had a contest where you could win the phone booth from bill and ted's excellent adventure. It is sad it will not be around anymore but we can always keep it going on the interwebb.

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    I just Nintendo Power at Walmart yesterday.

    My first encounter with this magazine was when I was 17 or so. My cousin had been collecting them for years and just up and decided to unload them on me. I carved a lot of them up and stashed some of my favorite pics in a photo album. That didn't hold together so well though. I think I made a few collages that I "stapled" together by photo copier. I lose a lot of stuff though. Today, I think I have like 40 magazines left out of a stash of close to 300. Now my collection is mostly comprised of PSM and GIM and AI and Otaku mags.

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    I never really got into N Power, but I understand the loss suffered by its demise. When Electronic Gaming Monthly called it quits, that was awful, it just sucked. I think they only do a digital mag nowadays.

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