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Thread: I Can't Pay My Bills

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    Yeah you can get by on state benefits if your circumstances are right. If you live in a privately rented property and/or if you have children you'll do just fine. Mortgaged people are smurfed, and people in social housing usually have pre-payment meters for their utilities and the prices on those are ridiculous. If you have kids then the Child Tax Credit gravy train will roll right into town and you'll be a-okay. Being part of a couple will also put you in a better position.

    On the other side of the coin, it's impossible if you're under 25, single with no children. You get 56.25 weekly as opposed to the 71.00 for over 25's, or 111.45 for a couple. It's a complete and utter joke, because the gas company or supermarket or whoever don't suddenly say "Oh, you're 23! Here, have a discount!" or anything. For someone in social housing, 15 a week for gas, 15 for electricity, 5 for water, 3 for TV license, 2 for phone. You now have 16.25 per week for food, clothing and travel costs. Enjoy. You could always cut back on your TV license and have absolutely nothing to do all day, or stop using your phone so now you're socially isolated and can't ring up potential employers. That or you can go without heating or electricity, that's always a lark. And yeah you can just forget about any kind of leisure activities or buying anyone any Christmas/birthday presents! Usually they're forced to turn to doorstep or payday lending and get even more of an arsesmurfing.

    The imbalance is something that pisses me right off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB View Post
    I have a friend who recently got made redundant at our work...
    Is that your stiff-upper-lip, British way of saying "fired"?

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    If I were to say "I got fired", I would be suggesting that I did something wrong that got me fired. If I were to say "I got made redundant", "I got let go" or the slightly more emotional "I got smurfed over" then it would suggest I did nothing wrong, but the business cut me out because they're wankers who don't want to pay me anymore.
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