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Thread: Sharty's like a melody

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by AmariaSama View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Takkun View Post
    Chat quickly got wind of this shartin' wonderful news on day one and went as far as we could with it. Be warned, it lasts for about 10 pages. You're welcome, Sharty. :}
    TMI, TMI!
    oh my god ahahahaaa I should have known someone was going to log this
    I'm so glad they did. xD
    We need to keep this forever and ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raistlin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jiro View Post
    So I don't know if you all know but little miss Moonflower Shartchild plays softball with her work colleagues.
    I think you mean "shartball."
    I believe you are correct, my apologies!

    They see me rolling. They hating, patrolling.
    Trying to catch me riding dirty.

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