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Thread: FFVII fan arts (Sephiroth) -- experimenting with black and white!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Proto View Post
    I don't know, but I think Sephy is kinda dressed like a Trekkie in that bottom picture.


    His jacket is a North Face knockoff XD

    Trekkie is good too... I like those uniforms... *ahem*

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    The stripe down the arm is so not Trekkie.

    Also, is that Ifalna bandaging Seph?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercen-X View Post
    The stripe down the arm is so not Trekkie.

    Also, is that Ifalna bandaging Seph?

    Yep! That's Ifalna alright! Hehehe... head canons are too much fun ;P

    full size here:

    This probably happened to Sephiroth often.

    Dr. Hojo was most likely the only doctor that attended to Sephiroth.
    From mako treatments to suturing up battle wounds, Dr. Hojo was probably there, silently working on his most prized lab experiment, and unbeknownst to his patient, his own offspring…

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