I'm looking for someone with way too much time on his or her hands, preferably a Skyrim fan, who would be interested in putting together a montage of in-game gameplay featuring follower Lydia, to be set to my song, which can be seen, heard and otherwise experienced here.

Now where you get this footage is optional, but I would recommend that you record it ingame yourself just for quality/consistency of footage. Bonus points if you can get all the weapons mentioned in the song equipped on Lydia, and co-ordinate things like Lydia's death by dragon and her triumphant victory against the bandit (greatsword beheading an orc chieftan maybe?)

Now for your own ease of ensuring that the final video fits the actual song, you'll probably have to edit a video with the song as a backing audio track in the first place (and btw I'd recommend not using any of the ingame audio, just mute that and let the song speak for itself). If you can manage this it's one less step for me.

Now I fully intend to upload this on my Youtube channel, BUT be advised that I never allow advertising on my videos there so there will be NO monetization for anyone involved, except for Youtube. Greedy wankers. If you then choose to upload it on your own channel, if you happen to have one, I'm cool with that, under two conditions - credit me as vocalist/lyricist and the dude who played acoustic guitar, just as you will be credited as video recorder/editor by the name of your choice on my own up. Speaking of Guitar Guy, I shamelessly converted his Youtube video to mp3 without his consent, but hopefully he'll be cool with it if I link to his original performance and he ends up getting more views.

If you're interested in this and enjoy putting together montages and trout, then let me know. Hopefully if you commit to this you have some experience in video editing - personally I do not really, tho I'm getting better and better with audio.

Since I've gotten considerably better vocally (see my song for Shiny) I considered rerecording the whole thing, but I think the original is endearing in its own way. If you agree, let's make this thing and brighten the day of random Youtubers everywhere!!