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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #21

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #21

    Welcome to the twenty-first showcase of Final Fantasy Fan Arts. We have a great selection of artwork to share with you, and this week will have a slight change to our presentation. Remember the sources? Well, now we'll leave the artist's name (whether it's their DeviantArt screen name or EoFF screen name) rather than just having Source. How exciting, so be sure to visit them to leave a comment or two. With that in mind, let's move on to the showcase!

    MarioGrant @ DA

    Daytona Tifa

    Now here's a great picture of Tifa that doesn't focus on her breasts. I actually like the design of the motorcycle that Tifa is riding. Remember saftey first, always wear a helmet!

    ceremono @ DA


    Many collaborations have been done before so they are not very uncommon. Here is one such picture that was drawn by another artist, and colored by ceremono. He has done a great job with the coloring on this picture of Beatrix.

    Diamondsnake @ DA

    The Pocket-Tank - Selphie Timitt (oCanonWars)

    Booyaka! It's Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII looking really cute in this picture.

    Midda-the-Cat @ DA

    Then fades away

    Midda prepared for us this fantastic artwork of Lightning. Similar to last week's artwork, coloring was done using watercolor, and you can really see how it makes this art quite amazing.

    cheska12usagi @ DA

    --If you won't let me through?

    This picture of Tifa was definitely done using a tablet, and it's quite remarkable. She looks rather remorseful thus asking a question for Cloud, possibly wanting him to know something. I don't know! This is pretty deep stuff here! Just something to think about. Enjoy it regardless!

    And thus this marks the end of this week's amazing showcase. Please visit our group for more fanarts on DA here now that we have finally gained 100 members this week, and be sure to go through what we have to offer for our fellow fans. Come back next week for another showcase!
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    *jaw drops at first Tifa drawing*

    That is amazing!!!! I love how clean the lineart is and how approachable this whole picture is. I feel like this came straight out an FFVII anime series!

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    Drawing comes out that doesn't focus on Tifa's breasts. Commentary immediately focuses on Tifa's breasts.

    Seriously, though, that pic is incredible.
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    The Beatrix is the best of the week for me.

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    Sweet ride Tifa! How about you take me for a spin?

    Once again, great work from all fanartists!

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