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Thread: >> Bad games that you cant stop playing..

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    Default >> Bad games that you cant stop playing..

    >>> Sometimes the unthinkable happens and you cant stop playing a really bad game, you know is bad but you keep playing it, and you keep wondering why im still playing this crap?..

    A few days ago I got Bleach: Soul Resurreccion and is one of the worst things that have touched the PS3 (in my opinion), but I play the thing for many hours non stop..
    I really like Bleach but I never knew I liked it to that extent.
    Maybe Im a Bleach-tard now? ..

    So any experience like this one anyone else?
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    HAWX 2. It was way worse than it's predecessor in both multiplayer and campaign, but I kept playing it because the HAWX 1 servers were dead and there was no other jet flight combat game at the time. I shouldn't have played it at all.

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    I actually can't think of any game that I've played for a long time without actually liking.

    Oh wait, FF14. I played it just because some friends of mine played it,and to make a good character for the beginning of AAR.
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