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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #23

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #23

    Why hello there! Welcome to another week of Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase. This week, we have some great artwork to share with you. Just like with every weeks in the past, right? Exactly! However, what makes this week special is we also have two comics to share. What? Comics in my fan arts?! Well, of course. If it's fan made, it's acceptable. We also have another chocobo sculpture to share with you, so please check that out as well. Be sure to visit each artists personally so you can send them any compliments for their artwork. With that aside, let's take a look at our showcase for this week!

    BurningFantasy @ DA

    FFIX Zidane : Victory!

    Ah yes. Zidane is a fun character, ain't he? Even his victory pose is quite fun, as he thrusts his dagger in the air quite happily in the taste of victory. *insert Victory Fanfare music here*

    EvaMcQueen @ DA

    Final Fantasy - Tifa

    Here's a pencil drawing of Tifa. I think it looks pretty good. Great anatomy and the shading on the hair looks pretty good. Drawing with a pencil is one of the few things I am quite good at myself, so I often appreciate stuff like this. Great effort on Eva's part!

    awisha-teh-ninja @ DA


    Lookie here! It's Terra from Final Fantasy VI. I really like how awisha has done her outift in this art. It looks very nice.

    JFRteam @ DA

    Final Fantasy VII

    Here's one of the two comics for this week. It's on that tragic scene of Aerith's death. Apparently Cloud wasn't aware about the Phoenix Down at the time. :/ Pretty funny stuff here.

    Eh-Spica @ DA

    Lady Ashe and Fran

    Now a nice black and white picture of two of Final Fantasy XII's finest leading ladies. We have Lady Ashe and Balthier's own leading lady, Fran, sharing the spotlight in this nice and clean line-art. I'm sure some of you might want to take the challenge of coloring this yourself. I have thought about it too, though I might not have the time and talent for this.

    SunshineLOLLY @ DA


    Oh, here's that sculpture of the chocobo I have mentioned. It looks really quite nice and was done from scratch, according to SunshineLOLLY based on what has been said in the descriptions. It looks so fluffy and feathery! :3

    Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg pmaestro @ DA

    FFXII Basch

    I am Captain Basch. Actually, you should brace yourself as he comes in for the attack!

    Exirias @ DA

    FF 25th Anniversary - VII

    And finally here's that second comic for the week. What do you know? It's on the very same scene as the first comic featured this week, except we have here a cameo of Sephiroth! Great job goes to Exirias for this fantastic scene!

    And that's it for this week. We had some great fan arts this week, and guess what? We'll have more great fan art in the future! So why don't you come back next week? That's it from me. Have a great one, EoFF!

    I am just... that ace!

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    I loved that first comic! Especially Cloud's snot stream. xD

    Also, Fran and Ashe are stunning.

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    Amazing works! I loved the Zidane one!

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