Hi guys,

I am here today looking for artists/animators, story/lore creators, and indeed 3D modelers; to join us in creating a game. If i can refer you to this thread you will know more :


Our studio is called JuraiStudio , we are a few students of a developers course that have set out on this task of making a final fantasy themed game. It won't be called that obviously, but it is our aim to have a 2D turn based up-down RPG that is playable and enjoyable, with an interactive and deep plot.

However as developers, we obviously suck at making the game look pretty, this is why i am here! If you think you can help us, be it sketches of character designs to 3D models (note all models with be rendered). Then feel free to contact me via skype: Mattydunka , or on here.

Thanks for reading!

- Matt Dunkley