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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #26

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #26

    Hello everybody! It's time for a new week of Final Fantasy fan arts! We've got some nice art to share with you. For this week, we have mostly fan art for Final Fantasy X, so sit back and enjoy the nice FFX art we have to share with you. With that, remember to take a peek at the sources for each art to comment or critique the artists. They do appreciate it!

    LittleHitodama @ DA


    Curaja is the strongest healing magic in the games, right? Here's a pretty cute piece by LittleHitodama featuring a white mage healing a black mage.

    AmeRayne @ DA

    Yuna's Sending

    Our first FFX piece of the week features Yuna in this fantastic piece. She looks quite elegant and so peaceful. It's rather quite calming.

    TheEmeraldPhoenix @ DA

    FFIX - Quina Quen

    Everybody loves Quina! Quina loves yummies! Oh, and Quina loves you too!

    ninetalesfirefox @ DA

    Tidus FFX

    Another FFX piece, and it's of Tidus. A rather nice pencil drawing of him as well.

    Rovenka @ DA

    Aerith 2013

    Here's a cute depiction of Aerith from FFVII. It was done for a commission, but we had permission to use the art in our showcase, so it's fine to share with others. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.

    Stupid-Potato @ DA

    Lulu and Moogle

    Lulu and one of her dolls in chibi form.

    Ireness-Art @ DA

    Commission Tidus

    And finally, we have another piece on Tidus. I do really like how this was done on canvas and the coloring looks really good! I would like to see this in person, but this is the best we could get from a picture of it. Very nice!

    And that's it for this week of Final Fantasy Fan Arts to share. Come back next week for more wonderful fan art.
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    I just really really love the first one! Made me feel so blissful and awwed!

    Great job all fanartists!

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    Yuna is beautiful, Quina is terrifying.

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