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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #32

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #32

    Greetings, a new week is upon us. Voting for the FanArt Contest is also upon us, so please take the time to check out that and vote for your favorite contest entry. It will be worth it! As for the showcase, we've got ourselves a great week! There are some top quality artworks to share just waiting to be seen, so we hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

    faTWave @ DA

    Warrior of Light

    Here we have the Warrior of Light, one of the heroes from the very first Final Fantasy as depicted by his appearance in Dissidia in this great piece of art. It's very shiny!

    Chrono1209 @ DA


    A rather sketchy colored picture of Rikku sitting on the ground. It's based on her character design on Final Fantasy X-2.

    ClockworkAardvark @ DA


    A nice stylished pic of Vivi about to caste a fire spell.

    [B]beanzomatic @ DA[B]

    Because you are... a puppet.

    A design made for a webseries based on Final Fantasy VII. As you can see, it's clearly Jenova in breight bold colors heres. I do really like the use of strong lines here.

    need @ DA

    Twins for the Win

    Wow! A picture of the wonder twins from Final Fantasy IV, if they were in their teens. It looks very nice, and neen did manage to draw them according to their personalities! It looks really great and I do like his coloring job.

    grandpatoenail @ DA

    Smexy Vincent!

    And finally something for the ladies (and some guys). Here, this one is for you! Enjoy a smexy portrait of shirtless Vincent! I know you love it!

    And that's it for this week! Hope you enjoyed this week's showcase! Come back next week for more fanarts!

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    Oh me gosh Vincent! So sexy!!
    I really adored the Porom and Palom picture; they looked grown up.
    Once again, all great job fan artists!

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    I love the style used in the Vivi one because it makes him look like he's about to break into a disco dance. I like the style used in the Rikku one, too, because it makes her look like much more human, sort of like what Tomb Raider's remake did for Lara Croft.
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