Sometimes I fool around with RolePlaying. Got into it when I was like 12 when I found this one place and I've been doing it on and off ever since then - when there's someone decent around and I'm in the mood.

I'm not the best at 'Shopping, definitely not the worst, though.

But, hurr's summa mah shtuff.


I have a bunch more, most I make out of sheer boredom, when I feel like messing with PS. I've gotten rather lazy though. Those are rather old. From like November/Giftmas-y times or before. The thought of having to rebuild my image/background/brush/texture/gradient/font database kills me. I spent like 6 months building up what I had on my mom's pc in Texas and when I moved back, I just erased it all as opposed to trying to fit it onto my MicroSD card.

Someday I'll make a uh. a uh. Signature. And Avatar. When I'm not feeling like it's such a daunting task. lulz.