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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #37

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #37

    Why hello there! It's that time again for another Final Fantasy FanArt of the Week, and this week we've got some great fanart to share with you! Perhaps you have seen too many fanarts in the past, and you just don't see the point. Well, let me tell you something. You are absolutely wrong! You should admire the artwork, and appreciate the time and effort used for each one. This is just one aspect of what it means to be a fan of Final Fantasy, and we want to share the fan's artworks with you. Now let's see what we have in this week's showcase.

    Kittyotic @ DA

    Cub and Pup

    Aww! Check out the lion cub and wolf pup Squall and Cloud are carrying! Very cute picture done by Kittyotic.

    Abigail-Scott @ DA

    After the Dance

    A very beautiful artwork of Yuna here by Abigail. This particular piece was inspired by a certain scene in FFX where Yuna sends souls to the farplane in Kilika. Quite inspiring...

    michichibi @ DA

    FF2 Maria

    This is a rarity among fanarts. A fanart of a character from the second game in the Final Fantasy series. It's pretty nice, and I like the use of purple here.

    Draxnoel @ DA


    A rather sultry picture of Aerith here... Is she hitting on us guys?

    inserttoken @ DA


    A dynamic and bold art of Final Fantasy XII's star viera, Fran. She looks ready to kick some butt!

    kytestrife @ DA

    Squall Leonhart Fanart

    A nice fanart of Squall done entirely by pen. It's quite hard to shade correctly with pen, but kytestrife does manage to do a good job!

    Neverwinterphoenix @ DA

    Auron the White King

    And lastly, we have a design of Auron for a card to be used for Anime Milwaukee's Cosplay Combat Chess. I'm not really sure what that really entitles, but this picture sure does kick ass, and for that I have it showcased!

    That's it for this week's Final Fantasy FanArt Showcase of the Week. Come back next week for a new showcase you don't want to miss!

    I am just... that ace!

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    Wow. That Yuna picture is stunning.
    mfw you post

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    I really liked the first one; so adorable! And we need more FFII fanarts; we should do a feature with that theme in mind.
    As always, great job fanartists!

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    All the art this week is absolutely gorgeous! I can't pick a fav. Great job artists!

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