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Having an artistic experience is not supposed to be an intellectual experience, it's supposed to be an emotional experience. When you start to think, something is wrong. If you think when it's over, when you leave, and you start to think about it, then it's good, that's so much the better.

But if you are starting to notice things, then the portion of your mind that I want engaged as an artist is not engaged, it's being bounced out of the movie [...] and there's no two ways about it.
...From the commentary to The Wrath of Khan. In another place, he speaks about certain things just "seeming right at the time" to an artist, and then when they're questioned about it later, all they can say is "it just seemed right at the time." He goes further to say that that's not a very satisfying answer for someone like a studio exec who wants to know what's going on with a project, but it is the truth.

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