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    I'm a big Dostoyevsky fan. The only problem with Crime and Punishment is that it inspired so many other works, which makes C&P (after you've read the others inspired by it) come across as contrived or derivative. But it's not, just the reverse. In any case, it's a great read. Fascinating and a little frightening.

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    Finished with Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs and have moved onto Dry by Augusten Burroughs. I am having a love affair with him and I hope David Sedaris does not find out.

    I loved Sellevision. I found it on a shelf while meandering the Barnes and Noble years ago as I used to do when there was one within a ten or fifteen minute drive of my house or office. The coverwork sold me, and I found his writing very much like Chuck Palahniuk's, so I adored it. Then I promptly fell out of love with his work when I picked up Running With Scissors and haven't touched anything of his again until my sister insisted I read Possible Side Effects a couple of weeks ago. It was a work of art. I've been instructed to read Dry and Magical Thinking, and probably avoid A Wolf at the Table because it is apparently very depressing and very different from his regular style. I've been instructed to finish with This Is How, because I will have sufficiently taken my Burroughs journey and ended with the book he says he was born to write.

    I'm super excited about this journey. I didn't think I could be more infatuated with a memoirist more than I was with David Sedaris, but Augusten has been a pleasant surprise.

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    Currently reading Long Lost Dog Of It by Michael Kazepis. I'm only about 85 pages in, but I guess it's only about 240 anyway. I'm enjoying how it blends things like politics, protests, punk music, relationships and... a serial killer. It seems like its going to be a pretty special debut novel when all is said and done.
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