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Thread: Congratulations to Loony BoB and smittenkitten

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    Everytime I look at pictures I get sad I couldn't be there. I need to get adopted by the Towns family, everyone is so happy!

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    Default Just found this!

    1385991_10153352618020455_548587180_n.jpgHad to Facebook stalk you to find this post after mum told me you wrote a novel. Wow, that's some serious loooong blogging right there. We must be related, having to write it all down and such. And can I say, not nearly enough in here about your amazing, loving, beautiful, awesomesauce big sister. Sheesh. Hehe, jokes. Mum and Muz came over yesterday upon returning home and she said "so, have you heard from Daniel since you got home". "No, well, a little Facebook liking I guess". And then I reminded her you probably had enough of me to get you through another 11 years eh?! Well, I miss you already. Skype me already. Or read MY blog. After all, I just read all yours!!!
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    Man my kids are cute

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