Yes, Spidey-fans, the web-crawler is making a comeback and I'm here to get your opinion on what should and shouldn't be allowed to happen. Excelsi... or whatever.

My first hope is that they don't ham-fist Spidey's return. We certainly don't need to be choking on the information of how he's back from the beginning of the movie. If anything they can include flashbacks somewhere in the middle or near the end. But if they regurgitate info from AIW that makes it impossible to watch this film and understand it without watching Thanos' finger-snap, that'll be majorly annoying.

I also hope to see a cameo from Michael Keaton's Vulture, maybe even with a callback to his run-in with the "real Mandarin". Maybe Parker will be taking down the Shocker as the film opens (yeah, he's still around remember... the 2nd one anyway).

Anything else anyone is really hoping for..?