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Thread: Hello everyone! New member with a simple question

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    You might run into spoilers, but I expect you won't be any more confused than I, a fan of both FFXIII and FFXIII-2, will be. It's just a messy series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaibana View Post
    i am now bussy with XIII for a 2nd time and i still dont understand the story much... i get it that they want to save serah, but the whole Fal'cie, L'cie and what they stand for etc just confuses me.

    they just seem to be unable to make up theire minds if fal'cie is good or bad.

    you certainly wont be able to finish these games in the normal '8 hours'.
    my advice would be: just play XIII and XIII-2 in yr own pace, and when you are done with that get Lightning Returns... that way you have played all of them and perhaps get LR with a discount :P

    thats what im doing myself :3

    but then again im not much of a big fan of XIII, so i wont mind waiting longer to play LR
    Yeah I'm trying to stay up with the story as well for the most part I got it figured out..

    And thanks Jessweeee!

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