I know there's gotta be something that hits a profound chord for people here. It might have changed the way you think or feel about something through a deliberate message, or motivated you further in a certain direction. It could be a book, movie, game, tv series, whatever. But there is SOMETHING, maybe several things, that affected our way of thinking.

For me, I would have to go all the way back to Pirates of Dark Water and say that its focus on discrimination and slavery, though depicted with a flying bird species, was the first thing to ever seriously start understanding oppression from an outside view. Ever since PoDW's time, I've kinda worked towards writing a story with major undertones aiming towards diversity in that same sense.

Another one would have to be, of course, Slayers. Specifically Slayers Next and Slayers Try, because of the backwards subliminal message of 'how do you even know you're doing the right thing? You see what you're doing as good for the people, but you don't even know who you might be harming'. It helps to take a step back and question yourself, your way of thinking, and whether or not your choices are even good or right. I can honestly say Slayers helped me decide on my deepest beliefs.

So how bout it? Anyone else have any stories to share?